Nominations Are Now Open For 2021 Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag Awards

National initiative seeks to identify visionary leaders from across the food system.


NORTHERN COLORADO (March 5, 2021) — Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag, a national initiative that works to grow, connect, and celebrate visionary leaders across the food system, has opened nominations for the 2021 Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag Awards. These awards were launched in 2020 as a way to recognize the significant work that up-and-coming leaders in the food and agriculture sectors do to create healthier, more equitable, and more sustainable food systems. All are invited to submit their nominations of such leaders electronically at through May 12.

“With so much additional focus on the food system in the past 12 months — both the successes and the breakdowns — it’s more important than ever to recognize and support those leaders working to make a difference and build solutions to systemic challenges,” says Sarah Day Levesque, Director of Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag.

Last year, more than 100 nominations were submitted from across the country and world and 20 Emerging Leaders were voted in as the inaugural class of award winners. In 2021, Day Levesque says they hope to increase the number of nominations and further build this community of leaders. “Relationships and collaboration between key food system stakeholders are essential for operations to adapt, innovate, and grow. Our work aims to bring leaders together to develop collaborative relationships for positive change,” she says.

One way Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag facilitates this is through its annual event, which gathers diverse leaders for professional development, industry learning, and relationship building. Last year’s event featured lively panel discussions and inspiring talks by Colorado Ag Commissioner Kate Greenberg, social activist/ farmer Leah Penniman (who is also a 2020 award-winner), and World Food Prize winner Dr. Rattan Lal. This year’s event will be held online September 1 and will feature the unveiling of the 2021 Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag award winners.

Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag is a Breaking Ground Institute initiative. Breaking Ground Institute (BGI) is an education, event, and media company working to grow impactful niche business communities by facilitating opportunities to learn and build stronger business relationships and networks. In addition to Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag, BGI operates Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum and Influential Women of the Sierra Nevada. BGI is the newest operation for Swift Communications, a family-owned media company founded in 1975.


If you would like more information about the Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag, please contact Sarah Day Levesque at