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The challenges facing agriculture and food today are many – feeding a rapidly growing global population, an aging farmer population, environmental degradation as a result of some production practices, a spiraling health epidemic brought about by unhealthy food and unhealthy habits, increasingly complicated consumer demands and more. Thankfully, there are people around the world working to address these challenges in order to create a stronger, more connected, efficient, productive and sustainable food system.

The Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag Awards were designed to honor these up-and-coming leaders from across the food system and to highlight the amazing work and dedication of the individuals that are going to lead us into a new future for food and agriculture.

What is an Emerging Leader?

An Emerging Leader in Food & Ag is someone working to create a better and stronger food system – whether it be by educating consumers, fighting for better policies, developing new tech innovations, addressing farmer challenges, employing superior sustainability measures or hundreds of other ways to create positive change.

How do I nominate someone?

You can nominate someone online. There is a simple form that only takes a few minutes to fill out. Click here to nominate someone today. Hurry! Nominations close January 13th!

Nominate Here

Is there an age restriction for Emerging Leaders?

There is no age restriction for nominees. Leaders come at all ages but Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag are those professionals who are just starting along their leadership path or who have yet to be recognized for their leadership in their corner of the food system.

Can I nominate more than one person?

Yes, you can nominate as many people as you want but only one person per day. Nominate someone today and come back tomorrow to nominate someone else!

Can I nominate the same person twice?

There is no need to nominate anyone more than once. The number of nominations for each person has no influence on winning and each person will only show up once on the voting platform.

How will winners be decided?

You get to decide! After nominations close on January 13, we will announce the top 40 finalists for the Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag Awards. Then voting will be open to the public on January 21 and you will have three weeks to cast your votes. You can vote once per day every day during the coming period.

When and where will winners be announced?

All top 40 nominees will be honored and the top 20 Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag will be announced at an awards ceremony on March 30 in Denver, Colorado.

What is the Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag event?

The Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag event is designed to train, honor and build leaders in the sector. The 2-day event will take place March 30-31 in Denver, Colorado and features three parts:

  1. a unique and informative behind-the-scenes Food & Ag Industry Tour to several operating facilities across Northern Colorado
  2. an evening awards reception that includes a keynote, networking, awards ceremony, refreshments and lots of fun
  3. a day of industry and leadership training and collaborating on March 31.

You can learn more about the event here and register here.

Do nominees or winners get complimentary admission to the Awards Night and Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag conference?

All nominees, including winners will be invited to the awards reception on March 30 in Denver. If they’d like to stay for the leadership conference the next day they will receive a 50% discount.

What do winners receive?

Winners will receive a beautiful award trophy honoring their achievement. Winners will also be featured in Fence Post Magazine (distributed to thousands in the agriculture community across Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming) and Acres U.S.A. magazine (distributed to 10,000 sustainable farming professionals nationwide).

I have more questions, who can I speak with?

If you have more questions, please email us at info@emergingleadersfa.com or call Sarah at 970-392-4434.